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The Trajectory Phineas Bresee Gave Us: A conversation featuring Stan Ingersol, Harold Raser, and Andrew J. Wood

Phineas Bresee was a significant Methodist minister in Iowa before he moved to Los Angeles...

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Journey Inward, Journey Outward: Our Heritage of Compassion

The theme of “Journey inward, Journey outward” describes my own experience within the Wesleyan- Holiness tradition. Soon after graduation from Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1962, I was serving as pastor...

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Nazarene Identity: A Panel Discussion

About 30,000 new members join the Church of the Nazarene annually in the United States and Canada. They come from a variety of denominational and religious backgrounds (such as Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, etc.)...

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No Cross, No Crown: Phineas Bresee and the Self - Emptying Way to Holiness

In August 1885, things were looking up for Phineas Bresee. More than a year earlier, after a series of crises in Iowa had decimated Bresee’s finances and ministry plans, he received a charitable gift that opened the way...

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Phineas Bresee and the Women of the Church of the Nazarene

Nazarene women clergy represent a long tradition of women preachers in the Wesleyan-Holiness Movement. Methodist women preached shortly after Methodism was born...

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ARTICLE: Grace & Peace Magazine App


DISCUSSION: The Trajectory Phineas Bresee Gave Us


ARTICLE: Journey Inward, Journey Outward


PANEL DISCUSSION: Nazarene Identity


ARTICLE: No Cross, No Crown


ARTICLE: Phineas Bresee and the Women of the Church of the Nazarene


Featured Articles

  • Understanding the Wider Roots of American Methodism

    american-methodismJason Vickers edits a collection of articles that reviews basic history and reflects on the religious culture of Methodism and how it has related to American culture. Nazarene pastors will be interested in the text because the study seeks to include in its narrative the wider Methodist tradition beyond the major sources of United Methodist tradition.

    by: Robert Doyle Smith
  • On Bresee and Our Nazarene Identity: An Interview with Ron Benefiel

    breseeNot everyone can say they have pastored the same church as Phineas Bresee, but Ron Benefiel is one of the few. Benefiel served as pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Los Angeles, a multi-congregational and multi-ethnic church, from 1982 to 1996. During that time, he also founded and served as the executive director

    by: Grace & Peace Magazine
  • Bresee’s Commitment to Multicultural Ministry: A Latino Reflection

    latinoMy ethnicity, my culture, my first and second languages (Spanish/ English), and the place where I was born and raised and where I initially served as a Nazarene pastor (the U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) makes me appreciative of what Phineas F. Bresee’s (1838–1915) biographers and others have called “his commitment to multicultural ministry.”

    by: Juan Vazquez-Pla
  • How Bresee Speaks into My Ministry

    Over 100 years ago, Phineas Bresee stepped away from the security of his life in Methodism to reach those living in the margins of spiritual and social abandonment. He became the leader of a company of souls who wanted to live in the unity of the Spirit rather than in a culture of affluence and privilege.
    by: Jim Wicks

  • Rethinking Poverty: Four Questions to Consider

    povertyWhen you see poverty weighing people down, do you want to run out and do something immediately? For those of us who answer yes, the Bible has 2,000 verses affirming that desire. Yet before we rush to start programs, there are a few questions to consider.
    by: Beth Clayton Luthye

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Olivet Nazarene University – Fruin Holiness Conference


The Heart of Holiness – Compassion and the Holy Life
February 25-27, 2014

Conference Description
The ONU “Pastor Appreciation Days” event sought to explore the relationship between holiness and compassion, and how compassion is not a peripheral activity of service or generosity, but part of the essential expression of holiness. Several workshops were offered on a variety of topics related to holiness and compassion.


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