Dealing with Pastoral and Congregational Anxiety: An Interview with Bill Selby

So many things raise the anxiety level of the average pastor—even being average. Pastors are almost always overworking yet remain underpaid. An unexpected illness or sudden death in the congregation can wreak havoc...

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Seeding a Missional Church Movement: An Interview with Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch, a native South African, is a prominent thought leader and conceptual architect for the missional church. His books, particularly The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church...

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Missions, Holiness, and Education Have Shaped My Life: An Interview with Carla Sunberg

It’s always a difficult question to ask Carla Sunberg where she’s from. She considers three places home: Frankfurt, Germany, where she was born and lived her first eight years while her family was on missionary assignment...

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Missional Engagement in the Small and Mid-Sized Congregation: A Panel Discussion Moderated by General Superintendent David Graves

In 1997, the Board of General Superintendents made a historic decision when they declared the United States and Canada a mission field...

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Sharing the Good News: How Would H. F. “Mr. Missionary” Reynolds Respond to the Twenty-First Century?

The world is changing, and the church must change with it. Right? Can we still rely on the wisdom of the denomination’s founders...

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A Different Kind of Mission than We’ve Known: An Interview with Verne Ward

Verne Ward grew up in the Church of the Nazarene but had little idea he was going to be a missionary. Questions about eternity and what really mattered got him to ponder his life’s mission....

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INTERVIEW: Alan Hirsch


INTERVIEW: Carla Sunberg


PANEL DISCUSSION: Missional Engagement


ARTICLE: Sharing the Good News




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Olivet Nazarene University – Fruin Holiness Conference


The Heart of Holiness – Compassion and the Holy Life
February 25-27, 2014

Conference Description
The ONU “Pastor Appreciation Days” event sought to explore the relationship between holiness and compassion, and how compassion is not a peripheral activity of service or generosity, but part of the essential expression of holiness. Several workshops were offered on a variety of topics related to holiness and compassion.


Most Recent Videos

Holy Trinity, Holy People Mega Seminar with Tom Noble: M15 Day 2

Tom Noble, Professor of Theology at Nazarene Theological Seminary and Senior Research Fellow in Theology at Nazarene...

The Case for the Nazarene Stance on Alcohol to Today’s Culture with Panel: M15 Day 1, Session 1 Workshop

This panel of pastors, clinicians, doctors, professors, and church leaders candidly discusses how the Church of the...

Theology of Person with Carla Sunbern & Carl Leth: M15 Day 3, Session 6 Workshop

Carla Sunberg, president of Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Carl Leth, Dean of the School of Theology & Christian...

Culture of Joyful Mission with Doug Herbert: Worship Pre-Conference Workshop

Doug Herbert, pastor of Southside Church of the Nazarene in Edmonton, Alberta, offers opportunity for theological...

Inclusive & Accessible Worship with Letiah Fraser: Worship Pre-Conference Workshop

Letiah Fraser, pastor of Community Life at Trinity Family Midtown Church of the Nazarene in Kansas City, Missouri,...

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