Discipleship is about relationships. There is no such thing as a growing Christian who is not in relationship with other Christians. One of the most effective ways a church can help make Christlike disciples is by helping each and every new person who comes into the church to get connected to some group: whether a small group, a men’s Bible study, a women’s Bible study, or a Sunday school class. Newcomers need to develop relationships with the other believers in the context of the entire church. We work diligently at Crossroads to assimilate people on a regular basis into small group ministries. We have developed small groups all the way down to our very youngest children, into our adolescents, and all the way up into our adult ministries, so that everybody has a place where they can connect and grow in God’s Word in prayer and in service. Discipleship is about relationships in the context of those small group environments.

KEVIN HARDY is senior pastor of Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Ellicott City, MD
Part of the above was taken from an interview with Kevin Hardy at M11. A portion of the interview can be viewed online at www.graceandpeacemagazine.org.