Change is inevitable. Every aspect of life is filled with changes.bob boradbooks

Change has been called the constant in life (along with death and taxes!). When Christ calls us, though He accepts us as we are, He invites us to change. The consistent invitation of Jesus to His disciples is: “Follow me.”

Following Jesus involves a change from our old ways, our old direction, and even our old standards, and an embrace of a new, transforming vision. Spiritual formation begins with an openness to change, as God’s Spirit leads us from wherever we are into the journey to Christlikeness. This edition of Grace and Peace demonstrates change.It is the final edition under the direction of our former Managing Editor, Bryon McLaughlin.


Spiritual formation begins with an openness to change.



Grace & Peace Magazine will officially re-launch in the Fall of 2017 under a new Managing Editor, Charles Christian. We will continue to engage key issues that pastors care about with a wide array of authors and topics.

Charles Christian2Dr. Charles W. Christian, who has spent over 25 years as a pastor, educator, and writer in service of the Church of the Nazarene, will help us continue our vision of training, equipping, and listening to pastoral leaders. The new Grace & Peace will reflect a more concise format, quarterly distribution, and an even wider variety of contributors. However, the one aspect that will not change will be our commitment to providing a resource for growth and interaction for clergy throughout the over 5,000 churches in the USA/Canada Region. Let us move forward into Spirit-led transformation, trusting God to continue to lead and provide!

—Dr. Bob Broadbooks