Flexibility and the Structure of the Church Board #1 - a panel discussion


A panel of pastors and church leaders discuss flexibility and the structure of the church board. This segment is part of a larger panel discussion entitled, “Effective Practices of Church Boards,” moderated by Jeren Rowell, Kansas City District Superintendent. 8 minutes, 50 seconds.

The panelists include: Clark Armstrong, senior pastor of Victory Hills (KS) Church of the Nazarene; LeBron Fairbanks, former president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University and former commissioner of the International Board of Education for the Church of the Nazarene; Dwight M. Gunter, senior pastor of Trevecca Community (TN) Church of the Nazarene; Deanna Hayden is senior pastor of Southwood (MO) Church of the Nazarene; David Hazel, senior pastor of Village Community (KS) Church of the Nazarene; Jeren Rowell (moderator), superintendent of the Kansas City District; and Dennis Solis, senior pastor of Crosspointe (MO) Church of the Nazarene.