It’s always a difficult question to ask Carla Sunberg where she’s from. She considers three places home: Frankfurt, Germany, where she was born and lived her first eight years while her family was on missionary assignment; Kansas City, where she attended junior and senior high school before completing degrees at MidAmerica Nazarene University and Nazarene Theological Seminary; and Moscow, Russia, where she and Chuck, her husband, served as pioneer missionaries in the former Soviet Union, and where she held assignments as director of compassionate ministries and director of theological education.

Sunberg has lived almost half of her life in Europe, but each of the three places she calls home has contributed powerfully in shaping her life and theological outlook. She says, “I never experienced the period of legalism that marked the American church.” Reflecting on her time in Moscow, she added, “After seventy years of communism, most of the people were atheists and like blank slates. It’s a humbling experience to realize that you’re the one who will teach them about God for the first time.”

In 2005, Carla and Chuck returned to the United States to pastor Grace Point Church of the Nazarene in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she served as pastor of evangelism and discipleship. In 2011, she and Chuck accepted a call to serve as co-district superintendents for the East Ohio District. During her return to the United States, Carla completed a PhD in historical theology from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. She calls this one of the most significant experiences of her life, both intellectually and spiritually. She says, “For six years, you just absorb yourself in research, digging incredibly deep. I am forever grateful for that experience and what it taught me.” On January 3, 2014, she was elected as the tenth president of Nazarene Theological Seminary, the first woman elected in the school’s history. Sometime after her election, she sat down with Grace and Peace Magazine to discuss how her background and education would inform her role as seminary president. For those wondering, Carla’s responses didn’t always reflect the Queen’s English, but she did throw in a few impressive Russian colloquialisms.

#1 Journey Into Ministry


#2 Ministry in the Former Soviet Union


#3 Uniting Around Holiness


#4 The Future Role of NTS and Holiness


#5 NTS and Other Institutions


#6 Her Doctoral Work


#7 NTS’ Importance to the Church


#8 On Gender-Based Violence


#9 On “Reclaiming Eve”.


#10 On What She’s Reading



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