In early 2013, a group of church planters and church leaders came together in a panel to discuss best practices of church planting. The panel discussion was moderated by Bill Wiesman, Evangelism Ministries Director, and included the following people:
Mark Bane, Dave Hazel, LaSharette Hodges, Chris and Lynnlee Moser, Matt Robinson, Chuck Russ, and Brian Wilson. For more information about church planting, contact Evangelism Ministries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call at 800-306-8294.


Video 1: Advice for New Church Planters - Panel Discussion
(2 minutes, 58 seconds)


Video 2: Church Planting "Land-Mines" - Panel Discussion
(6 minutes, 23 seconds)


Video 3: Churches Planting Churches - Panel Discussion
(9 minutes, 1 second)


Video 4: Effective Church Planting Models - Panel Discussion
(6 minutes, 9 seconds)


Video 5: The Importance of Mentors in Church Planting - Panel Discussion
(10 minutes, 8 seconds)


Video 6: Approaching a District Superintendent About Planting a Church - Panel Discussion
(4 minutes, 53 seconds)


Video 7: Prayer in Church Planting - Panel Discussion
(14 minutes, 43 seconds)


Video 8: What Does a Church Planter Look Like? - Panel Discussion
(7 minutes, 35 seconds)